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Homemade: Southwestern Macaroni Casserole

One of the things I’ve been trying to do recently is eat out less. I’ve started packing my lunch most days, and attempting to make large dishes at the beginning of the week in order to have dinner already made for the next couple of nights. It’s worked out alright so far, and it’s nice to know that for each meal I eat, I’m saving anywhere from $5-$10 – especially since I use a lot of ingredients I already own, and I’ll spend less than $10 on ingredients that will feed me for a whole week. My most recent endeavor was a macaroni casserole.

Close-up of theingredients, which included seasoned bread crumbs, salt, chili powder, onion powder, a box of the Publix version of Easy mac, black beans, tomato sauce, ground beef, corn, black pepper and shredded cheese.casserole1

I made a huge mess (as usual) stirring together the black beans, corn and ground beef seasoned with onion, chili and garlic powder:


My favorite part: the macaroni and cheese:


All assembled before putting into the oven:

casserole4And the final product:


I think it might have been a little overcooked because it was slightly crispier than I would have like. It was still tasty, though, and it lasted me (and my roommates!) three nights.


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Homemade: Enchiladas

I always wish there were more hours in the day so I had more time to cook. I spent my entire freshman year perfecting the art of Easy Mac, and I can now “cook” it without using a measuring cup for water. Unfortunately, common sense told me that living on powdered cheese and microwavable macaroni wasn’t going to cut it for the rest of my adult life.

About two years ago, I got really into cooking and baking. My Google Reader has about two dozen food blogs that I follow religiously, and I have a list of recipes that I’ve been wanting to try. This past weekend, I grabbed my boyfriend so we could try to cook enchiladas by combining two recipes: this one from the Food Network and this one from one of my favorite food blogs.

First we had to gather up some ingredients:

For the filling we had boneless chicken breasts, green chiles, onions, corn and a couple seasonings. For the sauce, we just used canned enchilada sauce spiced up with a bit of salt, paper and a little bit of chicken broth. For sides, we used yellow rice and cooked some cheesy refried beans. Everything was topped with tons of cheddar and jack cheese and a bit each of cilantro, sour cream and scallions.

These are the enchiladas right before they went in the oven:

And after they came out:

These seven in the blue-and-white dish are actually the leftovers. We had a 9×13 baking dish that was stuffed to the brim, which means we made about 18 enchiladas. For two people. Needless to say, we had tons of leftovers to feed my roommates and for the next day’s lunch. If I were doing this dish again, I would definitely cut down on the amount of filling but up the ratio of corn. I’d also have to figure out a way to keep the corn tortillas from cracking while we were filling them.

I think my next projects will be Key Lime Pie, DIY Truffles or Baked Mac and Cheese.

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