Twecipes: Micro-recipes on Twitter

April 19, 2009 at 9:59 pm Leave a comment

Recently, a food news blog I follow had a short post about twecipes, which are recipes posted on Twitter, so they must be complete in fewer than 140 characters. I have a Twitter account and follow several people, mostly friends, but I wasn’t aware that there was a new fad about food spreading across Twitter.

I found myself wondering how a person could fit an entire recipe in such a short space and still allow for all the measurements, directions and complexities that recipes call for. I did a couple of searches and found a few examples:

fresh corn on the cob,Mix- butter, lime zest, Beyond the Border, butter corn, wrap in foil, grill

quesadilla – skillet @ med heat, butter 1 side tortilla – on pan butter-down. layer:colby-jack cheez, diced cooked chicken. @ 1min_fold_1min.

I guess the argument for twecipes could be that they have to be very simple since only a few ingredients and instructions could be listed. If I were to cook one of these on my own, I would most likely do a Google search to find a full recipe, just to make sure I didn’t leave any ingredients out or make any mistakes.

*The Observer also did a report about twecipes and challenged top chefs to boil down their recipes into just a few words.

*iPhone just launched a Twecipe app, where you can send a few ingredients @twecipe, and you’ll get a tweet back with some suggested recipes.


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